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Milton brigade contextual photo Milton Brigade's volunteer firefighters are dedicated and well trained, but unlike city firefighters, who are paid to wait in a station and respond very quickly to fires, our fire fighters will normally be at home or at work and may take longer to respond to any fire.

In a rural area like ours, all members of the community must take responsibility to protect themselves and their properties from fires. 

Community Safety Resources for Understanding and Preparation

There is a great deal of information available on the NSW RFS website that will enable you to gain a greater understanding of your bush fire risks and the actions you can take to be safer and more secure.

Every family that lives in a bush-fire prone area (which is the vast majority of rural NSW) should have a Bush Fire Survival Plan.

The following links provide important information for residents, land owners and visitors in the region:

  • My Bush Fire Survival Plan for information, documents, contacts and videos relating to fire safety, prepared by the NSW RFS and NSW Government. You may need to scroll down to see further content.
  • Bush Fire Survival Plan for information, documents, contacts and a mobile phone app (for Apple iOS and Android) relating to fire safety, prepared by the NSW RFS.
  • RFS Fact Sheets covering many fire related topics of interest. These are also translated into several languages.
  • Bush Fire Household Assessment Tool is designed to help you make an informed decision when making your bush fire survival plan, such as whether you will leave early, or stay with your property and defend it.
  • Know your risk and find out how bush fire prone your house is according to its location and more.
  • Landscaping for bushfire is much the same as any type of gardening. It involves planning, designing, planting and managing the area around your house. Design and plant selection for bushfire can help reduce the effects of direct flame contact and radiant heat on a house. Includes Landscaping for Bushfire: Garden Design and Plant Selection (PDF 5764k - large file) | Word version (DOC 179k), example gardens for suburban, rural, hills and coastal properties and an on line Plant selection key.

Before You Burn

Planning on lighting a fire? Whether it's a bonfire, clean-up or agricultural burn, please read:

Alternatively you can ring the Shoalhaven Fire Control Centre during business hours.

Permit to Burn

If you want a Permit to Burn, first:

After the above checks and preparation contact one of the following Permit Issuing Officers:

  • Glenn Patterson - 0459 600 034 (mobile)
  • Chase Organ - 0419 242 045 (mobile)
  • John Olle - 0439 975 270 (mobile)

How Can You Help our Volunteer Fire Brigade?

  • become a volunteer
  • support the Milton Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade

How Can You Support Your Local Volunteer Fire Brigade?

Unfortunately volunteer fire brigades are not funded to meet the needs of the communities they serve. Volunteers usually spend some of their own time seeking donations and/or other sources of funding for the brigade.

Donations are always welcome and can be made on line. On line donations mean that volunteers can spend more time training, retaining their skills, better serving the community and fighting fires.

The NSW RFS provides a safe and secure method to donate to the Milton Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade.

  • visit the NSW RFS: Support your local brigade page
  • scroll down to the link titled Secure online donations and click on it
  • type Milton in the search box
  • look for confirmation with Milton Rural Fire Brigade and/or Milton Rural Fire Brigade, Milton 2538 being displayed
  • fill out the rest of the details and make your donation

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