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Milton Brigade members on display

Milton Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade

Field Officers

Field officers are responsible for the operational (eg: fire-fighting) activities of the brigade. The positions follow a hierarchy to enable easy implementation of a chain of command at an incident. All field officers are granted specific powers under the Rural Fires Act.

  • Captain John Olle
  • Senior Deputy Captain Tanzi Lea

Brigade Officers

Brigade Officers indirectly support the operational functions of the brigade.

  • Training Officer Tanzi Lea
  • Permit Officer Glenn Patterson
  • Permit Officer Chase Organ
  • Permit Officer John Olle
  • Safety Officer Annette Stevens

Station Officers

Station officers indirectly support the operational functions of the brigade by ensuring that the station functions as it should and that equipment functions at it should.

  • Station Officer Glenn Patterson
  • Equipment Officer Geoff Palmer
  • Equipment Officer Brad Ginn

Administrative Officers

  • President Tanzi Lea
  • Secretary Janet Coward
  • Treasurer Ian Stevens
  • Engagement Officer Annette Stevens

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